Tag: Social Justice

Let’s Talk About Power: Why Diversity and Cultural Competence are Important to LIS

As microcosms of larger society, libraries are faced with issues of inequity, discrimination, social privilege, and social marginalization. This webinar will briefly discuss the history of unequal access in LIS, and discuss the ways in which librarians can combat this history by becoming culturally competent professionals. https://vimeo.com/215062869 Nicole A. Cooke is the Augusta Baker Chair at […]

Librarians as Active Bystanders: Centering Social Justice in LIS Practice

Librarians are social justice advocates and libraries are proponents of equal access; this access is not solely relegated to books and information within the library. This webinar will situate social justice within LIS and discuss ways for librarians to develop a socially just information practice. https://vimeo.com/210659589 Nicole A. Cooke is the Augusta Baker Chair at the […]