Information on Real Time Sessions Through April 2020

Starting March 24, David Lankes will be doing open support sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at least through April. He is inviting faculty, staff, and great librarians from the field to join me in a call-in-style class/show. I’ve already had folks like Erik Boekesteijn for the Royal Libraries of the Netherlands, Karen Gavigan SLIS Professor and genius in everything graphic novels, Marie Østergaard director of one of if not the most innovative public library in the world Aarhus Public Libraries in Denmark, and Kim Silk Strategic Planning & Engagement Librarian at Hamilton Public Library agree to join me for shows. The idea is a real-time conversation that you can join to ask questions and join the conversation.

The link is

Real Time sessions are 9-10 Eastern Standard Time and archives of the conversations will be posted on the Librarian.SUPPORT site. This is a great global view on librarianship. We can have up to 150 folks join the live sessions.

If you have a topic you or your library would be interested in, or want to be a guest, please email David at

Matt Finch, Tuesday, March 24

Planning for uncertainty; scenario and foresight work for libraries; how to do the anticipatory groundwork for the post-pandemic ‘New Normal’ which awaits librarians, information professionals, and the institutions they serve

The session will be recorded.

Jason Broughton, Thursday, March 26

Topics may include: Library resources and emergency management. Librarians in emergency management positions! Emergency management, information and archival systems, and project management. This can be for cultural institutions or for embedded librarianship in county, state, and federal government positions to assist with finding information to assist in the effort to promote communication, awareness, and collaboration

The session will be recorded.

Barbara Jones: Intellectual Freedom and Censorship, Thursday, March 26

Should libraries allow programs with speakers who do not accept the current definitions and activities of transgender people? What should libraries do with books and articles that are now deemed outdated in their definitions? How can a library uphold its ethical principles and still include all people in their selection of information and programming?

Part of the Augusta Baker Lecture effort and the course SLIS 752 – Diversity in Libraries.

Erik Boekesteijn, Tuesday, March 31

Topics may include: Multifunctional Buildings organizations. Co-Creation, of-by-for-all, Keep Stories, Share Stories,Make Stories.

The session will be recorded.

Clayton Copeland, Thursday, April 2

Topics will include: Universal Design and accessibility

The session will be recorded.

Karen Gavigan, Tuesday, April 7

Topics may include: Graphic novels in youth and school library services, use of primary materials in the classroom.

The session will be recorded.

Valerie Byrd Fort, Thursday, April 9

Topics may include: What school and public librarians are doing to keep students and young people engaged in reading, storytime, and other programming.

The session will be recorded.

Anna Coats: Microaggressions, Thursday, April 9

Microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group, particularly culturally marginalized groups. This session will focus on racial microaggressions, which are rooted in the United States of America’s long history of racism and xenophobia. This session will focus on how this history, whether we as individuals are aware of it or not, affects present day library services and provide strategies for self education, standing up for ourselves, and / or standing up for colleagues and patrons who are on the receiving end of microaggressions.

Part of the Augusta Baker Lecture effort and the course SLIS 752 – Diversity in Libraries.

Stuart Hamilton, Tuesday, April 14

Stuart Hamilton, Head of Libraries Development in Ireland is coordinating NAPLE’s information gathering on the COVID-19 situation with libraries in Europe, as well as working with IFLA on the global public library overview, and the National Library overview as well. He will provide a roundup of where they are at in terms of services open or closed, and what new things are coming up in response to the situation.

Chad Mairn, Thursday, April 16

Chad Mairn, a librarian at St. Petersburg College will discuss how librarians can use extended realities (VR/AR/MR/360/3D) to help enhance learning.

Stacy Collins: Diversity & Language, Thursday, April 16

Part of the Augusta Baker Lecture effort and the course SLIS 752 – Diversity in Libraries.

Brad and Lucy Green, Tuesday, April 21

Brad and Lucy Green will discuss: selecting age appropriate materials; singing games; vocal tips and health for children; and fostering literacy through music.

Jeroen de Boer, Thursday, April 23

Live Lecture:

de Boer will discuss libraries and librarians in relation to data privacy, use of the Data Detox Kit, ways to engage patrons but also the general public to build awareness regarding these topics.

Marie Østergård, Thursday, April 30

Live Lecture:

Østergård will discuss libraries as Democratic Infrastructure.