Freelancers, Speakers, and Consultants

In yesterday’s Real Time session with Matt Finch the topics of freelancers and consultants came up. In times of crisis and economic downturn we worry about our paid staff. However, the library ecosystem also relies on experts such as consultants and freelancers to move our libraries forward.

These folks can be helpful in professional development, strategic planning, human resource issues, technology projects, and much more.

As a small effort to highlight the work of these folks librarian.SUPPORT is putting together a page listing freelancers, speakers, and consultants available to help libraries both during the pandemic and after.

If you are a consultant that wants to be listed, please fill out the form here or at

As we get entries we will be listing them on the same page. So library community please check it out often.

Please note that a listing is not an endorsement.

Consultants, Freelancers, and Speakers

We're looking to put together a list of folks available to help libraries during and after the pandemic.
  • Please enter the best ways to get in touch.
  • Please include key words and phrases that describe your service
  • Please add comments and other testimonials from current or past clients.

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