Supporting Libraries Supporting Communities

In this global pandemic libraries around the world are closing their physical spaces to prevent the spread of the disease. Libraries, however, remain dedicated to serving their communities.

Can we take advantage of our librarians and library staff being at home in terms of staff development? We never have enough time for training, maybe now we can at least provide some online. PL2030 and the University of South Carolina are working together to compile and provide staff development resources for all librarians working from home. Right now, this is a quick compilation of existing videos and materials, but we are looking to add more content. What do you need and what can you provide?

We are open to doing real time video sessions and faculty at the University of South Carolina are working to put up new content. We would like to add interviews with library directors and key staff as well. What do you need for this to be useful?

About the School of Library and Information Science

Our name — School of Library and Information Science — only begins to tell our story.  From undergraduate to doctoral degrees, we explore information — where you find it, how you extract it, how you preserve it, how you put it to use.  Traditional libraries are defying tradition and becoming community hubs for information and interaction.  Information management is a key to success in business, industry, government, politics, commerce, education and, well, we could go on.  You could, too.

About Public Libraries 2030

Public Libraries 2030 believes that public libraries are the key to a democratic, socially engaged and digitally inclusive Europe. We support leading European libraries to become powerful change agents. We do this by creating and sharing knowledge on the innovative projects across Europe that help to empower and engage citizens. We enable the roll-out of new initiatives and innovative community-based services to tackle the global issues facing EU citizens.